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Some guy spent $1 million to make a terrible movie with Corey Feldman and Adam West

If you’re still beating yourself up over your student loans, Seance should put things in perspective. According to a pair of Redditors, a former Los Angeles traffic control business owner named Rick Vasquez spent $1 million to turn his own less-than-polished screenplay into Seance, a never-released 2001 horror movie featuring Corey Feldman and Adam West.

The precise details are a bit hazy—the poster of the Reddit thread, for instance, says Vasquez wrote, directed, shot, and produced the movie, but IMDB and in-film credits suggest otherwise on at least a couple of those duties—but the basic facts seem clear enough. Namely, this Rick Vasquez fellow put up $1 million to make a Corey Feldman-starring horror movie that looks like it was shot on VHS in and around your grandma’s house and that subsequently languished indefinitely in distribution limbo. And now the entire thing is on YouTube.


Seance is a classic Hollywood tale of “man makes his son watch as he whales on a bunch of stuff in a church for no apparent reason; God smites man and son; spirits of both man and son are summoned by Corey Feldman and a few friends at a seance and take joint possession of some other guy; also, Adam West.” An obscure production company that got Seance limited video-on-demand distribution several years back, under the title Killer In The Dark, also has a trailer for the movie online:

While the the trailer does accurately convey Seance’s level of Feldman saturation, it omits essential scenes like the death of the requisite nerd friend at the hands of a flying CD-ROM and West’s appearance as an angel disguised as a homeless man. Those highlights and much more can be enjoyed only by sitting through all 93 minutes of the real thing.

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