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Some guy scared the shit out of his girlfriend with a weirdly elaborate The Ring prank

Nothings says "I love you" more than elaborate, sadistic pranks and references to 2002 films. That was presumably the thought process when James Williams decided to scare his girlfriend with an elaborate The Ring-themed prank that involved spending weeks (weeks!) building a puppet Samara with working arms that he designed to look like it was crawling out of their TV screen. Williams then waited for his girlfriend to fall asleep, attached the puppet to the screen, hid from view so that he could manipulate the puppet, woke up his girlfriend, and filmed her subsequent freak-out.

This video has many unanswered questions. How often does this couple watch The Ring? How did Williams know his girlfriend would fall asleep? How many days did she wait before she broke up with him?


According to Gawker, Williams later stated, “I didn't expect her to react like that. I thought she's [sic] scream, then realize it was me joking around. I felt quite bad after. I also had my mother ring me, early Saturday morning worried about her and told me she wanted to punch my fucking face in.” Which is a fairly understandable reaction as this was probably not the type of ring she had been nagging her son about.

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