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Some guy recreated famous romantic moments from film history with a dog

Some of the most iconic romantic moments in cinema history involve the final lift in a dance performance, a metaphysical reunion at a pottery wheel, and a dreamy teenage couple sitting on a dinner table with a birthday cake. And now they’ve been made so much better because somebody recreated them with an adorable dog.

Chris Naka and his boss’ dog Wrigley did their best to mimic 12 different scenes, ranging from the Lloyd Dobler boom box shot from Say Anything to Jack and Ennis' embrace from Brokeback Mountain. And of course, there’s the Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams lift in the rain from The Notebook, because why pass up the chance to take a picture with a dog who has no idea why a random guy in a soaked white shirt should be at all attractive?


A few of The A.V. Club's favorites are below. The original imgur album seems to have disappeared, but a copy of the full gallery is over at Paste.


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