Anyone who grew up playing both air guitar and Super Nintendo should get a kick out of “Replay,” in which a Massachusetts musician pays tribute to the history of video games in the coolest manner imaginable—through the power of heavy metal, of course. Over 17 minutes, Jules Conroy plays the theme music to 38 games, noodling away while green-screened footage of the featured titles flashes behind him. This musical nostalgia trip runs in chronological order, beginning with 1972’s Pong and ending with this year’s Dark Souls II. Along the way, he renders the Mario music moshable, gives the Star Fox soundtrack an epic makeover, and busts out the trusty acoustic for a few additions to the ongoing Zelda franchise. Because Conroy basically limits himself to one game per year, not every iconic theme gets represented. (No Metal Gear?) But “Replay” is still pretty comprehensive—and all the more impressive for having been recorded, edited, and mixed in just over a week. [Via Laughing Squid]