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Some great reader created a playlist of everything from The A.V. Club’s Fear Of A Punk Decade

Rancid, …And Out Come The Wolves

Starting in the summer of 2013, The A.V. Club’s Jason Heller began a column looking back at the legacy of ‘90s punk and all its assorted sub-genres. Dubbed Fear Of A Punk Decade, Heller broke down the decade year-by-year, offering his own firsthand accounts of the movement while also discussing the perceptions of the scene(s) at large. Countless bands and albums were mentioned by the column’s conclusion, and since it’s as good a time as any to play catch-up for those that missed it, one dedicated Spotify user has created a playlist that includes every song from every album mentioned in the series. At 3,449 songs, it’s a compendium as exhaustive as the original writings, but with the added bonus of being able to immediately understand how weird it was that Grimple and Lungfish were ever considered part of the same genre.


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