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Some Beatles fans got together to recreate an iconic 1964 photo of them taken by Ringo Starr

Photo: Fox Photos (Getty Images)

Honestly, if The Beatles were headed your way in 1964, wouldn’t you have skipped school in a second? It’s not surprising that a bunch of teens ditched class to greet the Fab Four during their first trip to the States, but the memorable trip for this particular bunch was immortalized by drummer Ringo Starr, who took their picture as they leaned out to get a better look at the band. Says this Imgur post, “The group had no idea the photo existed until Ringo published his book of photos.”


Decades later, the friends got back together and recreated the photo. According to this Reddit thread, the new photo was taken in 2013. Sadly, though, one friend couldn’t make it: The guy lost in the shadows on the right side of the picture died in 2011. Still, props to the remaining fans, now in their 60s, for nearly mimicking the expressions and hand gestures they sported in ’64.

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