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Some anonymous rich person wants to fund a Happy Endings movie

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Every time there’s even a tiny hint at a chance of a Happy Endings revival, we start krumping and busting out the celebratory drunk ribs, only to then find out it was all a sick joke. On Entertainment Tonight yesterday, Casey Wilson shared some potentially ah-mahzing news: A super-rich person has offered to fund a Happy Endings movie. According to Wilson, an anonymous rich person and American hero wants to bring Happy Endings back in movie form, and has even contacted her husband David Caspe, who created the very missed show.


“There’s interest,” Wilson told Entertainment Tonight. (Of course there’s interest! Did the collective reaction of devastation to that countdown clock not make that very clear?!) “Someone even called my husband [David Caspe], who created it, and basically said, ‘I’m a private investor, I would love to pay for a movie,’” Wilson added. “We were like, ‘okay’… now private citizens are coming off the streets!” Is it true or did Wilson only say it because she was poisoning her body with alcohol concocted by Real Housewives? We’re remaining skeptical until we have hard evidence—we’ve had our Hartz broken before.

Wilson also noted that “the funds have not sizzled in our account yet,” so we’re remaining skeptical until some sort of formal announcement is made, and even then we’re probably going to want to see more receipts. Whoever the secret millionaire is, we salute you. Don’t let us down this time, or you’re going to have some serious draaaaamaaa on your filthy rich hands. For now, Hulu subscribers can at least relive the whole series over and over.

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