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Solve the mystery yourself with CBS All Access' non-linear crime drama Interrogation

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A lot of crime dramas have tried gimmicks of some sort to set themselves apart, and streaming shows occasionally take advantage of their format to try new things, so now CBS All Access is going to use a new streaming crime drama called Interrogation to try a new gimmick that takes advantage of its format. As announced at a Television Critics Association event today (and in a press release), the series will star Peter Sarsgaard, Kyle Gallner, David Strathairn, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Vincent D’Onofrio (who is only listed as a “special guest star”), and it’s about a young guy who is accused of murdering his mother and his 20-year fight to prove his innocence.


The twist is that one episode will show “the day of the crime,” and the others will be based around exploring certain pieces of information through interrogations “informed by real police case files.” The idea is that you, the viewer, are acting as sort of a cold case detective who is go back through evidence and interviews that have already been compiled in hopes of using that information to come to your own conclusion. It’s an interesting concept, but the press release (and the accompanying trailer, below) don’t make it clear if there will be a definitive conclusion to the mystery. If you can watch in any order, how does it come to a satisfying end? Or maybe it won’t, and that’s the point? We’ll find out when Interrogation premieres on CBS All Access on February 6.

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