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Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan to write Indiana Jones 5, which has now been delayed

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A fifth Indiana Jones movie is an inevitability, since Disney didn’t spend $4 billion on Lucasfilm just to make Star Wars sequels, but the movie has at least been delayed past its original 2020 release date. Variety says the holdup has been on the creative end, with “key members” of the team having trouble settling on a script they’re happy with—which is at least a good sign after Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. In an attempt to find a better script to work with, Steven Spielberg has hired Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan to replace previous writer David Koepp (Jurassic Park).


That comes from Collider, which makes a point to say that it’s unclear how much work Kasdan is actually doing. He could be revising Koepp’s script, he could be doing some punch-up, or he could be scrapping it entirely and completely starting over. Collider also doesn’t know if Kasdan will be working with his father, Lawrence Kasdan (the other co-writer on Solo and the writer of Raiders Of The Lost Ark). The Variety report says Kasdan doesn’t have a formal deal yet, which is probably why we don’t know what the extent of his work will be, but production seems to be pretty much stalled until that gets worked out.

Filming was supposed to begin next April, but it could now be delayed by up to a year. That should give Spielberg plenty of time to work on his DC comics movie, his Ulysses S. Grant biopic, and his West Side Story dream project. Also, for the record, we still want Tessa Thompson as the new Indiana Jones.

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