Sofia Vergara will no longer just star on an ABC single-camera comedy featuring a passionate Colombian mother, she’ll also produce one. Vergara’s production company Latin World Entertainment is set to produce Raising Mom, a show about “a young single mom and her 21-year-old son who discover that they have done a pretty good job of raising each other, only now they decide it might be time to gain some independence.” So, nothing at all like Modern Family, in which Vergara plays a former single-mom who has a close relationship with her precocious son.

Deadline reports that Vergara’s long-time producing partner Luis Balaguer came up with the idea for the show after watching Vergara’s relationship with her real-life son. While Vergara’s fictional son is named Manny, her actual son is named Manolo, so again, no similarities there. The show will be helmed by Emmy-award-winning Modern Family director Gail Mancuso and written by Raising Hope’s Christine Zander—although this show will be nothing like that program either, which is about a young single dad and his parents raising a baby. Presumably Raising Mom will also be nothing like CBS' Mom, which is about a young single mom moving in with her own single mom in order to raise her two kids.