Photo: Paramount

As a companion piece to its list ranking the 25 best films of the 21st century so far, The New York Times polled a selection of directors for their choices for the list. Given that participants included Brett Ratner and Denis Villeneuve, the range of movies cited was as wide as you might expect (any guesses who picked The Hangover and who picked Dogtooth?). But one of the more unexpected choices came from Sofia Coppola, who just won the Best Director award at Cannes—only the second woman to ever receive the honor—for her film The Beguiled.

Amid atmospheric choices like Under The Skin and Fish Tank, Coppola takes a moment to shout out the 2015 Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg dueling dads comedy Daddy’s Home, calling it “the only film my kids and I equally enjoy together!” (For the record, The A.V. Club gave Daddy’s Home a C+, writing, “Overconfidence in the face of mediocrity is something Ferrell usually satirizes. This time, he’s more of a participant.“) Looks like that proposed sequel with John Lithgow and Mel Gibson just found its director.


[via Vulture]