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Soccer Mommy debuts new song with short film from Her Smell's Alex Ross Perry

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It’s been more than a year and a half since Soccer Mommy songwriter Sophie Allison dropped her debut album, Clean, but a relentless touring schedule has kept the wunderkind bummer-rocker in the spotlight. She dropped a new song, “lucy,” earlier this fall, and today returns with yet another fresh track, “yellow is the color of her eyes.” Not only does the seven-minute cut feature flourishes of harp from rising instrumentalist Mary Lattimore, but it arrives with a short film directed by Alex Ross Perry.


Perry, whose cathartic punk drama Her Smell just landed on our list of the best films of the decade, keeps his lens trained on Allison in the clip, which mirrors the song’s journey from meditation to chaos. His camera, steady and tight at first, loses its grip as the song explodes into distortion and synths in its back half. Set on a shore against a burgeoning twilight, the video is cast in a golden hue that suits the song and the setting.

Of the video, Perry says in a statement:

“The challenge of creating a 7-minute piece was daunting and irresistible in equal measure. Having just completed a film for which the color-coded design of it’s various acts was of the utmost importance, Sophie’s idea of collaborating on a short-form film to compliment her similarly-conceived new music was irresistible.

“Running with her idea of locations evoking where she wrote this song, the concept couldn’t have announced itself more boldly. To that, I shared images from Breaking the Waves and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It wasn’t until we got the footage back that I realized a dash of first-scene-of-Inception had snuck in there, as well.”


Soccer Mommy has also announced a new batch of tour dates. Check them out here and watch the video below.

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