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So, what really happened to Mufasa's body in The Lion King?

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The adult-oriented Easter eggs in Disney films range from false to debatable to very, very real. But, regardless of credibility, there’s enough of them out there to indicate the House of Mouse’s animators are extremely horny. And, if we’re to believe the latest Disney conspiracy theory, they’re also sadistic as all hell.

Just check out the video below, which has gone viral for asking the chilling question of what, exactly, happened to the body of Simba’s dad, Mufasa, The Lion King. Per this reading, the film’s antagonist, Scar, did much more to his brother than just kill him.


The video quickly sent other users down rabbit holes of their own, with some agreeing with the theory and others asserting it’s simply not supported by anatomical science:

For our money, there’s one gaping hole in this theory. It hinges on the fact that, in real life, hyenas don’t eat lions—therefore the characters of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed couldn’t have possibly devoured Mufasa’s corpse, as we’re led to believe. But, as the end of the film shows us, in the world of The Lion King hyenas very much do eat lions. Remember what happens to Scar?

And that realization hasn’t been lost on other potential debunkers:


@classyking0 close but no cigar

♬ original sound - Juju

Regardless, it’s a fun video if only for his deadpan reactions, and the thread reveals other Easter eggs like the one below, proving yet again that the Disney universe is one truly fucked up place.


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