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So, uh, Pusha T's show in Drake's hometown didn't go so hot

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Drake, Pusha T, and everyone in their orbit may insist that their feud is over, but the beef that dramatically boiled over when Push dropped the seismic “The Story of Adidon” in May has officially transcended the artists. During a set in Drake’s hometown of Toronto on Tuesday night, the Daytona rapper saw his set interrupted by a gang of troublemakers who eventually stormed the stage, resulting in a massive brawl with Push’s security. As for the Push, he evaded harm, returning afterward to spit Drake diss track “Infrared” before police put a stop to the show.


According to WTHR, the hecklers threw water, beer, and paint onstage during Push’s performance. They also report that three people were injured, with CityNews Toronto adding that the fights raged on outside the venue. They also note that one man is in “critical condition” after being stabbed.

See some video of the incident below.


Was Drake a factor here, this being his hometown? Push seems to think so. After returning to the stage, he insinuated that the rapper “paid” people to “throw beer” and start the ruckus.

The online sect also think that Drake wanted some revenge, not just for “Adidon” outing Drake’s “secret child,” but also for Push’s Camp Flog Gnaw set earlier this month, which saw the words “Fuck Drake” flash across a screen behind him, leading to a “fuck Drake” chant.


Whether Drake was directly involved or not, let us not forget that the Scorpion rapper recently expressed that someone should punch Push “in the fucking face.” If our messy president has taught us anything, it’s that words matter.

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