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Missing, presumed Ronin.
Photo: Paras Griffin (Getty Images)

A couple of days ago, we posted an article poking some good-natured fun at ol’Hawkeye, the scrunch-faced, arrow-flicking, least-interesting Avenger, noting that actor Jeremy Renner had apparently resorted to posting fan-art of the character merely pretending to be popular on his Instagram. Now, though—in the wake of the latest trailer and poster for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, which is already getting most of the big Marvel heroes hyped to hell and gone—our concern is getting a little more sincere. Where the fuck is Hawkeye, folks?

Renner’s absence from pretty much all of the promotional materials for the upcoming superhero throwdown has been noted by plenty of people, many of whom have gone the extra mile to see him make an unofficial appearance on the film’s poster:


Others have pointed out that Clint is—along with the equally absent Ant Man—the only Avenger with a kid, which might explain why he’s not out there on the front lines, getting killed by evil purple space men in Wakanda. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo, meanwhile, have said that he’s definitely in the movie somewhere, on his own path post-Civil War. It’s not clear what, exactly, that means for his Infinity War fate, though, unless he’s been chosen to be the sacrificial lamb the movie uses to establish just how dangerous universal conqueror Thanos really is by getting Infinity Gauntlet-ed to death. (The only hitch in that plan being that it would require audiences to actually care about what happens to Hawkeye. But we kid old Clint. Please don’t shoot us with an arrow.)


Infinity War smashes its way into theaters April 27. Nobody tell Jeremy Renner until we’ve made sure he’s okay, though, alright?

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