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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

The Backstreet Boys are doing their bit to hasten the return of Von Dutch hats to America’s malls, priming the pump for the imminent wave of early ‘00s nostalgia with their first new single in five years, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” In what we choose to believe in our hearts is a cheeky wink to Popstar: Never Stop Stopping, the video stays true to the synchronized dance moves and glowing geometric backgrounds of the Backstreet Boys’ late ‘90s- early ‘00s music videos, which in turn were lovingly satirized by the Lonely Island.


As for the music itself, it’s also pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the Backstreet Boys, harmonized vocals and layered synths over slicky produced beats that—speaking of malls—should translate beautifully to the tinny P.A. systems of shopping outlets around the country this summer. The single commemorates the grown-up boy band’s new contract with RCA Records, which comes after the first leg of their residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, which picks up again in July, with dates scheduled through November.

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