So Stressed (Photo courtesy of label)

On its pair of full-lengths, Sacramento’s So Stressed has dealt in noisy hardcore that’s equal parts chaotic and cathartic. Today, The A.V. Club is announcing the band’s signing to Ghost Ramp, the label run by Wavves’ Nathan Williams, and is streaming “Hype Sticker,” the A-side from the band’s debut 7-inch for the label. “Hype Sticker” comes across like the most combustive track in a catalog full of them, as Morgan Fox‘s frustration is palpable in each and every line. While there’s not a chorus in the traditional sense, when Fox repeats the line, “I don’t want you here,” it drives home the song’s thesis while offering a simple, punchy slogan.

Pre-orders for the 7-inch are available now through Ghost Ramp.