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So, Odd Future was pretty crazy on Jimmy Fallon last night, huh?

Last night L.A.'s blog-championed teenaged rap collective Odd Future—or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, if you’re not into the brevity thing—ran rampant over Jimmy Fallon’s set, capping a week of buzz building around the group. The performance found ringleader Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats (backed by The Roots, a garden gnome, and an escaped mental patient) unleashing a typically wild rendition of “Sandwitches” (the B-side to recently released single and viral hit “Yonkers”) that found Tyler running around like a crazy person and even roping in Felicia Day for a guest vocal, then ending with Mos Def screaming, “Swag” into the camera, for some reason. It was pretty awesome, and some people seem to want a place to talk about it, so here you go. Incidentally, you can download all of the OFWGKTA mixtapes from the group’s site for free; “Sandwitches” will appear on Tyler’s upcoming solo record for XL, GOBLIN, which is set to debut in April.

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