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Prior to forming Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis had a brief but still-amusing-to-bring-up-when-you-discuss-her-music career as a child and teen actress, with roles opposite Shelley Long in Troop Beverly Hills and opposite a Nintendo Power Glove in The Wizard. But according to a recent Twitter exchange, her two passions nearly collided with a role on Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Reaching out to Joss Whedon yesterday, Lewis asked, “Remember when you wanted me to be a werewolf?”—presumably referring to the character of Veruca, the lycanthrope lead singer who seduces Seth Green’s Oz into embracing his animal nature by using sexy trip-hop. “I surely do,” Whedon replied. “But you were busy doing the Frug. Good choice.”

Indeed, because Lewis chose to concentrate on her band, the role went to actress Paige Moss, and Lewis was spared also having people quote, “I’m a werewolf groupie—nobody else gets it done for me” at her all the time. Unless you want to start doing it now that we know this.


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