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In case you were worried that House Of Cards was kidding around about this whole “We fired Kevin Spacey’s predatory ass and then killed off his character” business: Here’s Robin Wright, reenacting one of the political thriller’s most infamous scenes, the season-three-opener in which then-President Frank Underwood urinates on his father’s grave. It’s a brief encore, Claire Underwood dripping contempt onto words her late husband once spoke about the alcoholic, abusive peach farmer who raised him. The new Underwood administration is still shrouded in mystery, but we can assume that it’s more genteel than its predecessor, at least judging by the lack of evidence that Claire put this private moment on pause to drop trou and whiz all over Frank’s final resting place. Though there is what appears to be the slightest hint of discoloration on the lower right-hand corner of the headstone, so maybe this President Underwood is more of a sharpshooter than the last one? Then again, Wright’s turn to the camera suggests that Claire’s no less apt to beating the audience over the head than Frank ever was.


The final season of House Of Cards begins streaming on Netflix November 2.

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