While everyone else continues to make their police procedurals using the microwaved clichés, fatty subplots, and ridiculous portion sizes so typical of American television cuisine, CBS has returned from a recent holiday abroad with more… continental tastes. Deadline reports that the network, already an artisan in the time-honored craft of slapping together cop dramas, has ordered the development of Bloodhounds—a new cop drama that is slightly more… refined than all others, because it is French. Have you ever been? Oh, you should go. Provence is positively blooming with cop shows this time of year.

Based on the series Les Limiers, the show concerns a U.S. Marshals task force that is “hand-picked”—thus avoiding the factory processing that lazy Americans so often insist on—then given immunity from police protocols. This freedom from man’s futile laws allows them to use every bit of technology, surveillance technique, and recognition of our insignificance in the face of an indifferent universe at their disposal to snare criminals. Bloodhounds will be written by John Doe co-creator Brandon Camp for CBS, who will present it to viewers expectantly, yet with a subtle hint of disdain. “Oh, do you like it?” CBS will say. “It’s just a little procedural I picked up… in France.”