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Illustration for article titled Snoop Dogg to one-up Bob Marley by delivering weed to your house

Snoop Dogg’s entry in the legal-marijuana industry was all but inevitable, because there are two things in this world Snoop loves best: money and weed. (And Hot Pockets and Game Of Thrones, but those are both side effects of the weed.) But unlike his celebrity counterparts, including Bob Marley and presumably Seth Rogen any day now, Snoop is not content to slap his name on some slightly-above-average regs and call it Snoop Dizzle Purple Kushizzle or whatever. Instead, he’s betting on a startup clearly founded by a stoner.


Snoop—or rather his investment firm, Casa Verde Capital—has reportedly invested millions of dollars in Eaze, an app that arranges for weed to be delivered to your house. Inspired by on-demand apps like Uber, Eaze promises to have a professional marijuana dispensary representative at your door within 10 minutes, eliminating the need to talk to that guy with the patchwork pants from your sociology class for a half an hour, or, indeed, to go outside at all. The California-based company, one of half a dozen marijuana-delivery startups that have popped up in the past year or so, plans to expand into the Bay Area just as soon as it finishes watching this Eric Andre episode.

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