The best part of most music-related biopics is when they dip into a well of comic book-style fan service, like Johnny Cash hanging out with Elvis in Walk The Line. It’s rarely that important to the plot, but people love to recognize things that they know from other things. It’s why those “Here’s every Easter egg in blah blah blah” videos are so popular.

Straight Outta Compton, the N.W.A. biopic, will also have some version of the “hanging out with Elvis” scene, but instead of a superstar who inspires the protagonist, it will feature an up-and-coming performer who probably hasn’t even come up with a snappy stage name yet. According to The Wrap, a young Snoop Dogg—presumably while he’s still Calvin Broadus Jr.—will show up in the movie, meeting up with the members of N.W.A. as they all try to “make their way in the rap game.” Young Snoop will be played by Short Term 12 and The Purge: Anarchy’s Keith Stanfield, and the film will hopefully feature a scene where he discovers that he can make any word rhyme if he adds “-izzle” to the end of it.