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Snoop Dogg surprises no one by launching full-service weed site

Snoop Dogg on the GGN Network web channel

America’s foremost icon of smoking weed and performing guest verses on Katy Perry songs about young women from the West Coast has gotten tired of all those other websites about marijuana. (No, not Juicy J—think the older Katy Perry track.) The Daily Dot reports Snoop Dogg is launching a website dedicated solely to that most sticky-icky of subjects, and the aficionados of same. And weirdly, it’s called Merry Jane, instead of Suck It, High Times, Those Shirts Weren’t Even Cool In 1993.

Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt—the tech event so obnoxious, Silicon Valley didn’t even have to tweak anything to satirize it—Mr. Dogg explained the goals of the site. He intends it to be a one-stop shop for anything people could possibly want to know about cannabis, “including educational information about the marijuana industry itself, from government regulation to where weed might be cropping up on ballot measures to recipes on how to make the best edibles.” Not addressed was how to retain an audience of already high people, given that if they’re visiting the site, they’ll already be in front of a computer, tablet, or smartphone, thereby ensuring Rick & Morty is only a click away.


The artist formerly known as Snoop Lion also mentioned he had celebrities lined up to get involved with the site, including his fellow super-high recapper of Game Of Thrones, Seth Rogen, and well-known pot connoisseur Miley Cyrus. Along with articles and videos, the site will provide lists of local dispensaries, the better to stop reading about weed and start smoking it ASAP. For now, the site is in beta testing, meaning only 420 people have access to it per day, because that is the sense of humor of the very high. Here’s the link to the site, though presumably, if you’re the target market, you already clicked over to it after seeing the words “Snoop Dogg” and “full-service weed site” in the headline.

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