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Snoop Dogg stopped by Italian authorities for carrying $422,000 in cash

Not declaring at customs was the case, as Snoop Dogg was detained by Italian authorities over the weekend upon arriving in the country to play a concert in Calabria. Italian “financial police” had their minds on Snoop’s money and his money on their minds, as he arrived in the country carrying $422,000 in undeclared cash (travelers to the EU are required to declare amounts over €10,000).

Snoop was not jailed, and played the concert as scheduled, but Italian authorities impounded half of the money in accordance with a money-laundering statute. (According to law, they will return the money, minus any fines levied.) This is only the latest in Snoop’s ongoing legal battle with the Old World: He was stopped in Sweden in 2007 by authorities who suspected Snoop Dogg of using drugs, after an exhaustive police investigation turned up something that everyone knows about Snoop Dogg.


As to why Snoop was carrying nearly half a million dollars in cash into a foreign country, we can only speculate. But when you’re in Italy with a serious case of the munchies, nothing hits the spot like $400,000 worth of cannoli.

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