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Snoop Dogg re-recorded "Drop It Like It's Hot" as a Hot Pockets jingle

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Lots of people familiar with the munchies have probably been fans of both Snoop Dogg and Hot Pockets for years, but the video for a new song called "Pocket Like It's Hot" has made the association official. In addition to appearances from DeStorm and Andy Milonakis, the video features brand mascot Herbie Hot Pockets wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses and a leopard print robe as he dances with the rappers and a crew of Hot Pocket-eating hotties—despite the fact that his body will be ripped open and devoured once his time in the microwave is finished.


Snoop lays it all out in a Pocket-themed rewrite of "Drop It Like It's Hot," a song so clearly made for promoting Hot Pockets it's a wonder he didn't just release it in 2004 instead of the original. Whether there are "hungry kids in the crib" or your "munchies get a attitude," there's always an occasion to enjoy a Hot Pocket and, as Milonakis so artfully puts it, let the "herb sauce tender meats heat yo' insides." Other highlights including DeStorm making it rain pepperoni and the advertising acrobatics necessary to portray a cheese-and-meat-filled sleeve as sexy.

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