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Snoop Dogg once more detained for having that which is intrinsic to Snoop Dogg

Proving anew that the self, like mass, remains constant no matter its location, Snoop Dogg has once again been detained for possessing the innate properties of Snoop Dogg, along with a small amount of weed. The vessel for transporting marijuana and large amounts of cash arrived in Norway in preparation for a music festival, and—after a cursory investigation that involved inquiries such as asking Snoop Dogg his name and determining that the timeline of human existence had not been altered, calling everything they knew to be true into question—authorities determined that this vessel did, in fact, contain the marijuana and large amounts of cash that comprise its basic molecular structure. According to the Associated Press, customs officials simply fined Snoop Dogg for carrying more cash than is legally allowed, then sent him on his way, aware that attempting to do anything more would be like asking the fjords to no longer be fjords.

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