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Snoop Dogg may star in a family sitcom on NBC

Snoop Dogg’s recent reinvention as an actor who plays vague shades of Snoop Dogg’s already-established persona could now land him on NBC, who has just purchased a script that will star Snoop as the head of a family that endures various comical trials and tribulation-izzles. It’s something of a gamble for NBC, whose previous attempts at building sitcoms around rappers have yielded only the success of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, while leaving behind anomalies like the LL Cool J-starring In The House (which was forced to slink off to UPN), and other bizarre things we didn’t know existed but are now eminently glad we do, such as a proposed buddy sitcom starring Bob Newhart and Sisqo. Anyway, Snoop Dogg at least has weed-related double entendres (always hilarious!) and sitcom veteran Don Reo on his side—Reo being the former Blossom creator and current Two And A Half Men producer who’s carved out a niche as an elderly white guy who writes surprisingly well for black guys with his work on Damon Wayans’ My Wife And Kids and also Brothers, where Snoop Dogg had a recurring role. Fortunately for you, the show doesn’t have a title yet. Familystyle. Deeeeez Nuts (In My Family). Bitch Please, Put The Kids To Bed. Providing Emotional Support Was The Case That They Gave Me, etc.

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