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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

A prediction for "The Shaw Report" in the next issue of Entertainment Weekly: If guest starring on Will And Grace is “out,” and guest starring on 30 Rock is so “five minutes ago,” then guest starring on a soap opera has become the fashionably “in” thing. We recently reported that  Eric Roberts would be getting a day job with The Young And The Restless while James Franco weirds it up on General Hospital, but hold onto your sofas, stay-at-home moms: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snoop Dogg wants to appear on the British soap Coronation Street.

No stranger to soap operas, Snoop appeared in a series of One Life To Live episodes earlier this year, but his true desire is to guest on the British soap he affectionately refers to as “Corrie,” which centers around the residents of a fictional working-class neighborhood called Weatherfield near Manchester, England. While greeting fans in Manchester today, Snoop said he’s been watching the show for 11 years, and that its producers had told his agent they were “interested." When As The World Turns ends in September, Coronation Street will become the longest-running scripted show currently airing. If Snoop gets his wish, perhaps he can help commemorate the event with a performance of “Murder Was The Case” in honor of a tried-and-true soap opera trope.

Check out the opening titles to Coronation Street below.

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