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Snoop Dogg looking for "anti-cybercrime rap videos" for some reason

With so much drama at the IC3, it’s kind of hard being Snoop D-O-double-G, but he’s (somehow someway) come up with some funky ass shit to defeat Internet thieves: soliciting “anti-cybercrime rap videos” to spread the message that malware, keystroke-logging, and other forms of web-based stealing and dealing are not in the least bit gangsta. Snoop’s new “Hack Is Wack” campaign comes courtesy of da big bosses at Norton, who offer these various “tips” on all the kinds of cybercrime you may run into while you're out running the cyber-streets, which they define using not-at-all-patronizing plain language that those in the ‘hood can get down with, like:

Botnet: Otherwise known as "zombie" computers. You think you’re in control of your computer, but you’re really not. A cybercriminal can infect your PC and take it over and use it to send out spam or hack into other computers. Next thing you know, the po-po are knocking down your door thinking you’re part of a cybercrime ring.

Drive-by download: You’re sitting in front of your computer surfing the Web when all of a sudden, your computer is hit with a threat just because you visited an infected website. Drive-by downloads can catch you off guard, just like crime on the street, if you don’t have the right protection.


Now that you’re hip to the lingo, you’re ready to make your own video, which will then be judged on “originality, creativity, and message” and may even win you a Toshiba laptop and two tickets to a Snoop Dogg concert, where you will “meet his mgmt/agent.” (Bring your camera!) So far the competition is pretty limited, but you’ll still need to best our favorite, "Blocka Blocka." And don’t forget to “have fun, fo’ shizzle”!

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