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Snoop Dogg is developing a family drama series for HBO

Snoop Dogg is a noted fan of Game Of Thrones, so it’s not very surprising that he and Gang Related’s Allen Hughes are now working with HBO to develop their own drama series about the crazy stuff that happens to a successful family when politics get involved. That means Snoop and the the Game Of Thrones people are going to be at a lot of the same parties, so it’ll be much easier for him to convince them that he should be on the show. Or, at the very least, he should get the DVDs early.

Snoop’s show doesn’t have a title yet, but it will take place in Los Angeles in the ‘80s—just as the great Ronald Reagan introduces economic policies that set America on a path to endless wealth and power. Hughes will direct the series, and The Boondocks’ Rodney Barnes will be one of the writers. As far as we know, Snoop’s only involvement is as a producer, so he’s probably not going to have an actual role on the series. The show is still early in development, so no premiere date has been set.


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