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Snoop Dogg got beat on a Family Feud question about weed

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The Family Feud writers know what they’re doing. (Serving up easy, innuendo-ready softballs, and driving Steve Harvey deeper and deeper into an existential hell.) So when marijuana entrepreneur, author, and all-around enthusiast Snoop Dogg recently appeared on a celebrity version of the show, it didn’t take long for questions to get around to the topic of nugs and their relative levels of dank.

Faced off against boxing legend “Sugar” Ray Leonard, Snoop made a strong showing for himself—at first. The second the word “marijuana” made its way out of Harvey’s mouth—as in, “Name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana”—the rapper moved like lightning and nailed the buzzer, beating out a man renowned for having the fastest hands in boxing. (It was enough to make Harvey take a lap.)


But Snoop was less tuned in to the actual realities of the question (or possibly just accostomed to a more violent class of grandma). His response, “Put hands on him,” ranked low on the board, allowing Leonard to dart in and snag the point with a more conventional “Scream at him.” Survey says: it’ll probably take a while for Snoop to live down missing a question about a substance that he’s built his entire identity as a person around. Sources remain closed-lipped about what sort of relaxation regimen he might employ to help him deal with the shame.

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