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Snoop Dogg banned from performing in The Hague

For the longest time, Snoop Dogg and The Netherlands have gone together like apple pie and ice cream—or to put it less metaphorically, like a guy who enjoys smoking massive amounts of weed and a country that allows it to be sold and consumed legally in designated public places. But the Dutch apparently enjoy irony even more, because the city of Hague—the third largest urban center in this pot-friendliest of nations—has banned the rapper from performing at the Parkpop festival on June 27.

According to reports, city officials have asked organizers to drop Snoop Dogg a mere 10 days before the festival, citing a vague concern “to preserve the free, open and friendly nature of Parkpop.” Of course, Snoop’s status as one of world’s premier pot aficionados is only one possible reason The Hague’s moral guardians might have for kicking him off the bill—his lyrics might also be a concern, given the broad public appeal of the event. In any case, the Dutch will still get to enjoy at least one exemplar of clean living: Juliette Lewis remains on the bill.


Here’s an example of Snoop running with the wrong crowd:

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