When it was first announced that Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa were planning a film based around their mutual love of marijuana—after double-checking that they actually do like weed by Googling “Snoop Dogg + Whiz Khalifa + weed” and then getting asked to leave the library—we noted that it would be a suitable replacement for Method Man and Redman’s scrapped How High sequel, which exists now only in some of the shittiest fan fiction ever created. But it turns out that their comedy/easiest album ever written, Mac And Devin Go To High School, has ambitions much higher than that. (Get it? Higher? Then you will love it.)

According to Snoop, with the release of the Mac And Devin movie—whenever that might be—he and Khalifa are aiming to be the new Cheech And Chong, despite the fact that we already have a new Cheech And Chong: the old Cheech And Chong. (Also, Harold and Kumar, Parker and Spitzer.) But as Snoop explains, “They smoked joints, they were funny, they were cool and they would get into real situations. To me, that's what me and Wiz represent. A lot of kids growing up don't understand who Cheech and Chong are. So we're the modern-day image of them. We're bringing it back." Finally, no more boring your kids by dragging out the Cheech And Chong archives and forcing them to understand. Unfortunately, it appears that some adults no longer appreciate the value of a proper Cheech And Chong education, as the article also notes that officials shut down filming of Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa’s High School “after learning the theme of the movie was centered around marijuana” and, presumably, also Googling Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.


And that's just one of the many comically real situations Snoop has found himself in:re smoking weed of late: He’s currently being sued by a Middle Eastern concert promoter who’s upset that, in TMZ’s typically keeping-it-rizzeal parlance, Snoop “blazed up some weed” while performing in Beirut, where Lebanese officials have now launched a criminal investigation into the promoter, who claims his reputation as one of the region’s top guys for putting on concerts by rappers who like to smoke weed is now “severely damaged.” Of course, his lawsuit also seems to be motivated by something more personal, as he’s mostly upset that Snoop claimed he could be his exclusive Middle East representative, then said that deal was never officially authorized. Thus, he’s also demanding that, as part of his compensation, Snoop come and play two more Middle East shows to make it up to him. So Mac And Devin already has a potential sequel, and it’s every bit as convoluted and full of plot holes as a Cheech And Chong movie. Perhaps they’re onto something.