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SNL suspends production indefinitely

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Photo: Will Heath (NBC)

If you were curious about whether or not Saturday Night Live would go ahead with its plan to air a new episode at the end of this month with host John Krasinski and musical guest Dua Lipa, you no longer need to wonder: As reported by Vulture, NBC has confirmed that it is suspending production of the show “indefinitely.” That means there’s a chance the Daniel Craig episode from earlier this month might be the last one for the season, unless the show bumps the rest of its planned episodes to the summer, which wouldn’t be that ridiculous. Then again, SNL hosts are generally there to promote something, and most of the things that hosts would promote—like, say, A Quiet Place Part II—have also been delayed already.


This announcement comes shortly after New York Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered that all venues like theaters and concert halls should be closed starting on March 17 (as Vulture also pointed out), and pretty much every other TV show with an audience already started either filming without one or suspended production entirely, so at this point it just seems appropriate for SNL to follow suit and cancel existing episode plans.