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Screenshot: Saturday Night Live (YouTube)

Saturday Night Live is on a break, but the show’s been guiding us through the dry weeks with a slew of supercuts of some of its best recurring sketches. The latest such release contains almost a full hour of “What Up With That,” Diondre Jones’ (Kenan Thompson) talk show that keeps getting overtaken by the host’s love of his own catchy theme song. It doesn’t matter how noteworthy the guests are—Al Gore, Morgan Freeman, Paul Simon, or longtime pals Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams in the same episode—as soon as Diondre hears the strains of that hypnotic cymbal tapping, all hope is lost, much to the consternation of perennial bumped guest Lindsey Buckingham (Bill Hader).

One of the (many) highlights of “What Up With That” is that the guest host doesn’t show up on the panel, as you might expect. They usually doll up to appear in the show’s main musical number, cameoing as the Sexecutioner (Gerard Butler), for example, or a keytar-playing ’80s rocker (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). But the mainstays are especially incredible: Jason Sudeikis’ indefatigable dance moves as a guy in a red track suit, and Fred Armisen’s Kenny G stand-in offering sax support.


SNL returns on January 25 with Adam Driver hosting.

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