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When people think of Fifty Shades Of Grey, they think of forbidden, carnal desires so potent they threaten to take over the whole of one’s being. And when people think of that, they obviously jump right to thinking about luxury sedans. To take advantage of this phenomenon, bad boy automobile manufacturer Audi has partnered with Focus Features and Universal Pictures to produce an ad for the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey movie, although the company has the good sense not to take the material too seriously.

Instead, it tapped reliable SNL player Vanessa Bayer to lampoon the overdone eroticism from the books by making a series of people in an elevator very uncomfortable. In the ad, Bayer brandishes a riding crop, waves around a string of anal beads, and generally insinuates herself herself into the sex lives of everyone she meets while they try to ignore her, with varying degrees of success. Watch the video below, and do your part toward transforming Audi into the car manufacturer of choice for the BDSM set.

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