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SNL’s entire library is coming to NBC’s streaming service Seeso

Saturday Night Live

Ensuring that arguments about the sketch comedy talents of Randy Quaid, Gary Kroeger, and Gail Matthius carry forward well into the Internet Age, NBC has announced that nearly the entirety of Saturday Night Lives 40-year history will be available on its planned comedy streaming service Seeso. (The network is editing out all the show’s musical performances, a heartbreaking turn of events for those of us who’ve learned to time our bathroom breaks to the sight of a bored musician ambling morosely to the show’s musical stage.)

Still, that’s 790 episodes of sketch comedy available to subscribers, for nothing more than $3.99 a month and the vague indignity of supporting a service that sounds like a mush-mouthed child referring to a teeter-totter. (Seeso subscribers will also get access to series like 30 Rock, The Office, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and original shows from Amy Poehler and Community’s Dan Harmon when the service goes live next January.) Plus, it’ll let people finally pinpoint, once and for all, the moment the show got bad, and then have a billion more arguments about when, exactly, that happened to be.


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