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Jon Rudnitsky (NBC)

According to Deadline, just one new cast member will join the ranks of Saturday Night Live before the show kicks off its 41st season. Jon Rudnitsky is a 25-year-old stand-up comedian with both an improv and writing background. He won the 2012 Laugh Factory’s Laugh Bowl college comedy competition and did time performing with the Groundlings as well. He’s known for writing and starring in viral videos that mock everything from dick picks to the Jewish Hunger Games (a.k.a. Yom Kippur) to Matthew McConaughey:

Though Rudnitsky is the only new cast member, SNL is still in the process of hiring writers who could join the cast down the line, as Leslie Jones did last year. Otherwise, Deadline reports there are no cast departures, and the Weekend Update desk will stay in the hands of Colin Jost and Michael Che.


SNL returns October 3 with host Miley Cyrus. Tracy Morgan and Amy Schumer are set to host later in the season.

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