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SNL launches Snapchat-exclusive video series

(Photo: NBC)

Riding high on its recent Trump-powered ratings boost, Saturday Night Live has announced that it’s spreading into a new medium. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the NBC sketch show has launched a new video series titled SNL Stories, and with it, its first Snapchat-exclusive video. Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett star together in “Boycott,” a sketch about a couple attempting to remove every product touched by Donald Trump or his supporters from their lives.

As sketches go, it’s pretty standard stuff, pushing the urge to divest from companies like Kraft and Bed Bath & Beyond to illogical extremes before dialing it back with a little optimism at the end. That’s probably a smart turn given Snapchat’s youthful user base—even if a full three-minute video seems like it might be an attention span Everest for people just hoping to zone out with the normally quick-moving app.


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