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SNL cast reflects on Herhily Boy, Schmitts Gay, and more classic Adam Sandler sketches

Screenshot: SNL Cast’s Favorite Adam Sandler Sketches (YouTube)

Adam Sandler returning to host Saturday Night Live this weekend is exciting for a lot of reasons. For one thing, he’s SNL royalty and, despite leaving the show all the way back in 1995, he’s never hosted before. Second, the current cast is pretty much all at the age where they grew up watching and idolizing Sandler’s wacky characters and antics. In a recent behind-the-scenes clip from the show, cast members share their favorite Sander sketches, though they all admit there are just too many good ones to choose from.

Classics like the Zagat’s sketch, the Schmitt’s Gay commercial, and Canteen Boy all get name checked along with Sandler’s countless iconic Weekend Update appearances. Keenan Thompson, who can only narrow it down to three favorites, makes a slightly more obscure reference with the Hub’s Gyros sketch, a one-off from 1993 that relied on Sandler and Rob Schneider’s unique ability to make one silly line funny for six minutes. Of course, no one can deny that Opera Man is perhaps Sandler’s most beloved character, and we wouldn’t be surprised if that particular cape-wearing singer returned this weekend.


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