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Screenshot: Other Side With Zebrecky (YouTube)

Once upon a time, David Arquette’s role in the late ‘90s wrestling comedy Ready To Rumble turned him into both a fixture of WCW programming and a symbol of the company’s creative downfall, which many cite as the moment the actor won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. What’s become clear in recent years, however, is that Arquette really is a diehard wrestling fan, so much so that he’s been feverishly training and performing at indie shows across the country. Late last year, he made headlines after cutting his neck open during a “death match,” an act that, terrifying as it was, earned him some begrudging respect from fans.

Arquette’s latest bout is equally strange, if much less gruesome. He recently swung by Other Side With Zabrecky, the twisted web series of magician and all-purpose oddball Rob Zabrecky, who assisted the actor-turned-grappler in contacting the spirit of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Savage (née Randall Mario Poffo) starred in Ready To Rumble alongside Arquette, who arrives wearing one of the wrestler’s old, kaleidoscopic costumes (signed by Savage). Arquette goes on to discuss his Macho fandom, even showing off a tattoo of Savage and his ex-wife, Ms. Elizabeth. “It didn’t end well,” he says of the pair. He ain’t kidding.


What follows from there isn’t a true summoning so much as a trippy, eerily unsettling exercise in Zabrecky’s brand of occult-themed weirdness, with some old Macho promos surfacing in support of Arquette’s new career.

Watch it below.

[via Boing Boing]

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