Randy "Macho Man" Savage, our Lord and Savior

Nu-metal band Drowning Pool is best known for its 2001 single, “Bodies,” and for offending everyone who hates nu-metal acts. The late wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage was best known for his raspy voice, kicking ass in the WWF/WWE ring, and snapping into Slim Jims. He also paired up with DJ Kool to make the 2003 party-anthem “Hit The Floor,” which is heavy on Kool hyping and synth-stabbing, but Savage carries his weight with key “OH, YEAH” interjections and nuggets of science like “New school wrestlers take it from me / This game’s like school ya gotta earn a degree.”

The laws of the universe are such that it was only a matter of time before these two canticles were joined in the sacred bond of a remix. From DJ Cummerbund and courtesy of Uproxx comes “Bodies (Hit The Floor Mix).” Like everything else graced by Savage’s magnetic personality, Drowning Pool is immeasurably improved by the wrestler’s vocals and panache. The mashup also gives DJ Cummerbund the opportunity to remaster the audio, so that Savage’s boastful raps come through more clearly than in the original “Hit The Floor.” Considering it’s just over four years since the death of Macho Man, this remix seems like as fitting a way as any to remember Bonesaw.