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Smokey And The Bandit is crashing its way back into theaters this month

Photo: Silver Screen Collection (Getty Images)

Because nothing could pay better tribute to the late Burt Reynolds than watching him calmly ramp a kickass car over a series of increasingly improbable obstacles while Sally Field freaks out in the passenger seat, Smokey In The Bandit will soon be making its way back into theaters. The Hal Needham car chase classic is returning to 240 AMC theaters next week for a nine-day run, celebrating Reynolds’ unflappable charisma and Jerry Reed’s irresistible theme song.

For those who’ve somehow never seen it, Smokey And The Bandit is the story of two men and one woman’s quest to destroy Jackie Gleason’s car, while simultaneously attempting to explain why you might risk your life and freedom over 400 cases of Coors beer. It’s also a fun damn time, something audiences will be able to verify for themselves, especially since AMC is promising that tickets for the showings will be on sale for $5 or less.


Aw, hell, just listen to the song:

[via Variety]

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