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During their brief existence, The Smiths operated outside of the glossy synthpop and new wave mainstream. Surprisingly enough, however, their most indelible songs are actually quite amenable to a keyboard-driven treatment. YouTuber HIPSTERDISCO has compiled two videos featuring Smiths songs reimagined as cheerful 8-bit arcade game music, including compositions from Alan Paz, whose “Super Morrissey Bros.” mashup remains a mopey 8-bit touchstone. Perhaps unsurprisingly, already-jaunty tunes such as “This Charming Man” and “William, It Was Really Nothing” sound like they could’ve been staples of an NES game, while the more introspective “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” retains the emotional gravitas of the original. Sadly, there’s no Smiths or Morrissey 8-bit arcade game accompanying these songs, so the following YouTube clips (and a bonus Morrissey re-do from YouTube user Godless Wicked Vanian) will have to suffice.

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