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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Since we're talkin' so much Moz over at AVQ&A; today, we'd be remiss not to pass on that notoriously unreliable British tabloids are saying a Smiths reunion is imminent—and that Coachella is supposedly the place. As some of you may recall, Morrissey told David Fricke (in front of a live audience that included yours truly) that Coachella had offered The Smiths $5 million for one show a few years ago. The audience gasped, and Morrissey said something like, "What, is that a lot?" Anyway, those of us that follow Big Steve should know that he's not one to let grudges go ("Beware, I hold more grudges / than lonely high-court judges," he once sang), so it seems insanely unlikely that he'd ever share a stage with drummer Mike Joyce again. The two had a pretty serious court battle, and you can read Morrissey's own words about it here.

But working with Johnny Marr again seems pretty possible—apparently they collaborated a bit on an upcoming (yes, another) Smiths compilation.

Here's one of the Brit tabloid reports.


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