There’s still no cure for cancer—a fact hammered home yet again by the recent death of MC Guru—and in the absence of anything actionable to combat the disease, Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch (who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his salivary gland last year) has moved on to the metaphysical. The Buddhist Beastie sending out an e-mail yesterday to members of the group’s fan list, asking everyone to put down the Brass Monkey and join him in twice-daily meditation. Yauch's message:

wanted to send this out to you guys in case you were into  it, or wanted to give it to anyone who you think might be.

a few friends and i are meditating at the same time twice a day. 9:30am and 6:30pm eastern standard time, for about an hour and half.

we are picturing smashing apart all of the cancer cells in the world.

we are visualizing taking the energy away from the cancer, and then sending it back at the cancer as lightening bolts that will break apart the DNA and RNA of the cells. if you have the time, please join us in whipping up this lightening storm.  mind over matter……


If you want to participate, but don’t have 90 minutes to spend sitting quietly, Yauch says it’s okay: You can also dance, which is what Yoko Ono will be thinking about.

if you prefer to sit then sit, but if you are not used to meditating, or sitting quietly doesn't sound like fun, put on some music and dance while you do the visualization, and if you want to do it at some other time, or picture curing some other illness that's fine too. yoko will be joining the meditation by visualizing all of us dancing with joy to celebrate the world without cancer. all variations are welcome. this is really just being done with a wish for all beings to be cured of all illnesses and to find true lasting happiness.

i'll also be saying prayers for the earthquake victims in tibet, so join in on that if you can too.

please feel free to pass this onto anyone who you think may find it interesting.

with all my love,

adam yauch