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Have you ever listened to the epically emotive strains of Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" and stopped to consider whether the person who wrote it has someone who prevents them from falling asleep for fear of missing them? Of course not, because at some point you stopped feeling, and became a calcified husk loosely stirred through this world by the indifferent wind.

But Smash producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron still have internal fires and an interest in the people and melodrama behind the songs, which is why they're mounting another NBC musical series loosely based on the catalog of songwriter Diane Warren, as well as her (earlier) life as a "songwriter who has written the most epic love songs of our time, despite, or perhaps due to the fact that she is painfully unlucky in love." Perhaps once you experience for yourself the tragicomic romantic mishaps of the woman who's provided you with so many moments of sweet musical sentimentality—and the irony that a woman so adept at inspiring love with soaring, sappy choruses can be so inept at finding it herself—whenever you hear Toni Braxton sing "Un-Break My Heart" from now on, it will finally open your own.


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