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Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell says Morrissey is a fan

(Photo: Getty Images, Michael Tullberg)

As revealed in a new Stereogum interview with Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell, legendary mopester Morrissey is a fan of Harwell’s brand of largely inoffensive Shrek music. Morrissey apparently said that to Harwell himself after he and Smash Mouth both appeared at The Roxy Fest in Mexico, with Harwell telling Stereogum that their meeting was “brief” but “super weird and cool.” Supposedly, Morrissey was “very complimentary” toward Smash Mouth, which definitely doesn’t sound like the Morrissey most people know and love, but maybe Smash Mouth’s set at this music festival was just unusually heartfelt and moody. Or maybe Morrissey just really got a kick out of hearing “All Star” live.

Speaking of, Harwell seems begrudgingly enthused about the fact that “All Star” has sort of become a meme, saying it’s “entertaining” and that it “doesn’t bother” him, but he still doesn’t love that his song is sort of a joke—echoing something that bassist Paul De Lisle said back in January.


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