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Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel joins Aaron Sorkin's HBO pilot

Illustration for article titled emSlumdog Millionaire/em star Dev Patel joins Aaron Sorkins HBO pilot

Having followed up his widely praised role in Slumdog Millionaire by jumping into M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, Dev Patel looked likely to become a “Halle Berry circa Catwoman” cautionary tale last year. But fortunately, he’ll get a chance for redemption by joining the cast of More As This Story Develops, Aaron Sorkin’s HBO series about the inner workings of a cable news pundit show and all the backstage speeches about integrity that take place there. The details of Patel’s character aren’t yet known, only that he works at the network where the show is set and will interact with an already-established ensemble that includes Jeff Daniels as the egotistical yet intelligent anchor, Emily Mortimer as the female producer who always puts her profession before her personal life, Alison Pill as her young mentee who’s just now learning the cruel realities of the business, and Olivia Munn as the sexy and sarcastic financial analyst who routinely spars with Daniels. Given what we know about Sorkin archetypes, we’d peg Patel as playing the traditional Joshua Malina role, a man whose youthful idealism has given way to cold reason and practicality. Or just a guy named “Dan.”

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